Each standard reproduction is beautifully matted and comes shipped to you in a special custom made reinforced box with it’s own clear protective bag preserving it from any dampness or humidity  during it’s arrival to you.

(Large posters do not

come with matting.)

Canvas Giclees are sold

un-stretched. For more information on these beautiful canvas giclee reproductions please click on the girl holding a canvas giclee.

"The Greatest Light of All"

A single ray of sunlight
Illuminates a room
By casting tiny rainbows
Among the dark and gloom.

A falling star fills the sky
With beauty to behold.
It lingers in the watchful eye
As centuries grow old.

The flicker of a candle's flame
Consumes us with delight.
It lingers till the sunrise
Extinguishes it from sight.

But there's an even greater light
On this celestial ball -
The light of God's redeeming love,
The greatest light of all.

Clay Harrison